Kendo and Children

The Warrior's Way For Little Heroes
In a bustling metropolis with its hustle and bustle and virtual worlds beckoning children, there is a quiet corner where the spirit of samurai reigns – the Budokan HTA Sports and Art Center (HighTech Academy). Here, children do not just train, they learn the art of kendo – the way of the warrior, born in Japan.
It's not just fencing with bamboo swords. Kendo (Japanese "the way of the sword") how the art originated in feudal Japan, where samurai honed their skills with a steel katana sword in duels. Over time, Kendo transformed from a deadly fight into a sports discipline, while preserving the spiritual values and traditions of its ancestors.

The deep historical roots and traditions of Kendo have left their mark on the rules of this sport:

  • Respect for the opponent: there is no place for aggression or malice in Kendo. Rivals respect each other, even in the heat of battle;

  • Honor and dignity: Kendo teaches honesty, justice and self-control;

  • Bows: traditional bows before and after the match demonstrate respect for the opponent and Kendo as an art.
In Budokan HTA, Kendo is not just a sport. This is a philosophy of life and an important element of education, which is a feature of our school. For example, children in grades 5, 6 and 7 of the private HighTech Academy high school go to Kendo instead of physical education classes. This fact alone speaks volumes.
Why is Kendo the Right Choice for Children?

There are several good reasons to send your child to Kendo.

Development of Body and Spirit

Kendo is a comprehensive training that develops not only strength, endurance and coordination, but also discipline, concentration, respect for elders and a sense of responsibility.

Character Formation

Kendo classes teach children to be purposeful, brave, determined, be able to work in a team and not give up before difficulties.

Health and Beauty

Kendo is a dynamic sport that strengthens the immune system, develops the vestibular apparatus, improves posture and coordination of movements.

Many parents think that such an active and seemingly tough sport as Kendo is intended exclusively for boys. In fact, this is not the case.
Kendo is Especially Useful for Girls

Kendo gives girls an invaluable gift – self-confidence. And how does this confidence develop?

First, overcoming difficulties. Kendo is not just a sport; it is the way of a warrior. Girls learn to overcome the obstacles of endurance in a fight with an opponent. It requires determination and self-confidence. Secondly, dexterity. Kendo classes develop not only physical strength, but also coordination of movements and quickness of reaction. All this contributes to the formation of a self-confident personality with a healthy self-esteem. And it is useful for developing leadership skills.
Equally important is the ability to protect yourself. Kendo teaches girls the basics of self-defense. This is not only a practical skill, but also a psychological factor in personality formation. Imagine, an opponent swoops down on a child with a piercing scream and hits his helmet with a bamboo sword, and in response he screams just as loudly and performs a counterattack. The sight, I must say, is a delight for parents.
Another important point is respect for yourself and others. Japanese fencing is based on the principles of respect and discipline. Girls learn to respect themselves and other people, which helps them build strong and healthy relationships.
Budokan HTA: The First School Kendo for Children in Kazakhstan

Budokan HTA is the first and only secondary school in Kazakhstan where Kendo is included in the school curriculum following the example of Japan.

For boys and girls in grades 1-4, Kendo is an optional course. For girls in grades 5, 6 and 7 – physical education.

Come to Budokan HTA and give your children a chance to become real samurai!
Why Budokan HTA:

  • Experienced instructors with many years of experience;

  • Comfortable training conditions;

  • Friendly atmosphere;

  • The opportunity to participate in competitions.

Sign up your child for a trial session at Budokan HTA and give him a chance to become a real samurai of our time!

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